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Cardiff Castle is an unusual medieval castle. It is one of the most important historic places in Wales. It is located in the city centre. It has two fairytale towers, great interiors and beautiful gardens. It was built in the Victorian times by the 3th Marquess of Bute and a famous architect William Burges.
The history of Cardiff Castle streches over 2000 years. The oldest parts of the fort may come from the first part of the first century A.D. The fort was situated close to the sea, so it was a significant strategic site for the Romans. After the Norman conquest a tower was added to the building. The castle was divided by a stone wall into two parts : inner and outer. The first defence tower ( probably built of wood ) was built by Robert Fitzhamon. The castle was possessed by many different owners. In 1766 the castle passed to the Bute family - one of the richest families in this times. Each breathtaking room is decorated with special theme inspired by italian and arabian art ( especially the theme of Mediterranean gardens ). Thanks to the 3rd Mrguess - John Bute the castle has been transformed by an excellent architect William Burges.

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