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Clock tower in London,UK. Name begin carried to bell St.Stephen’s Tower, also called The Clock Tower, belonging to Westminster Palace. Actually name Big Ben begin carry always both to bell, as like to clock and the tower.



Build this neogothic tower start after that, like more part of Palace fire in 16 october 1864 year. Leaving only 900 years Westminster Hall and chaple St.Stefana. Projectants were Charles Barry and his assistant Augustus W.Pugin. Renovation continued to 1858 year. In future shape palace has 1200 rooms and three kilometers halls. Tower standed up on three kilometers diameter a surface 15 m². It has 96,3 m high, and shield clock has 7 meters in diameter. On tower lead spiral stairs counting 334 degrees.



The bell was name from the name of sir Benjamin Hall, general commissioner works in 1858. Other sources indicate that this common name came from the name of popular in this time heavy weight boxer Benjamin Caunt. First bell was ready in 1856. It weight 16 tones, but the tower wasn’t ready so it was tested on palace courtyard. The test wasn’t good becouse the bell destroyed. Of its pieces smelted new bell in Whitechaple. In 1858 bell, weight 13,5 t high 2,3 m and dismeter 2,9 m was transported and mounted on tower. The first time it tell of 31 may 1859. This bell we can hear in BBC Radio 4 at 18 o’clock and midnight and ,also in BBC World Service. First this signal was emited 31 december 1923.


Big Ben isn't open to the general public but its's possible for UK residents.


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